2100 Miles: A Personal Family Record!


When I first started flying lessons, landing seemed impossible. Turbulence was scary as shit. And my wife was skeptical about flying over a small lake. From the beginning I aimed to fly the Baja…But, aviating from Los Angeles and then to Colorado would take us over the Pacific, the Sea of Cortez and many small lakes. There’d be turbulence and fickle winds…Such a trip was a pipe dream. Fortunately, I’m big on dreaming.

Little by little, over the years, each small trip led us to this huge one.

We flew 2100 miles in 2 months. Both of my kids learned the value of following protocol – a valuable lesson in aviation and in life. My pregnant wife mastered parenting while crammed into a small plane. And we all learned that if you think about something long enough and take action, it’s gonna happen! Watch the video to go on our adventure with us.

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