Better Get Your Brakes Checked!


The mechanics at Security Aviation are the best. Their attention to detail is unmatched. I noticed this when I first started working with them and it paid off when it came to enhancing my takeoffs!

My rollout always lagged. That “slap-in-the face” waiting at the end of the runway always seemed to be staring at me for too long…But, I thought it was normal. Looking deeper, my mechanics found the problem in my brakes. Old hydraulic fluid. It had oxidized and expanded, causing the pads to close ever so slightly and restrict movement. They added new fluid. Now, I takeoff like I stole it!

If you are buying an old plane, get all your hydraulics tested/redone. A slow rollout is a bitch with Density Altitude. Fly safe. Fly smart. Learn what to check for when buying or updating a used plane in The Complete Guide to Aircraft Ownership!

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