Flying Los Angeles to Bisbee, AZ


My kids needed some education on precious metals and ghost towns. Enough with Founding Fathers and all that bullshit they get in school or from lamestream media…I needed to get them a dose of reality. So I fueled up the Mooney and we were off to Bisbee, Arizona.

Flying direct, Southern Arizona past under us with very little fanfare. You’ve seen one desert, you’ve seen ’em all. But at the end of our destination, the Huachuca Mountains greeted us in all their splendor.
And Bisbee looked like a gem carved from the hillside.

In addition to some light spelunking, we enjoyed the people, our family who lived nearby (surprise!), mountain scenery and great food. Lessons learned: Bisbee has ghosts and man can devalue currency and metals at will.

Where to stay: Copper Queen (If you don’t want to be bothered by the unexplained, stay elswhere.)

What to bring: The usual, don’t forget a jacket!

What to do: Tour the Copper Queen Mine, Drink at local brewery, visit Tombstone, eat mexican food, relax.

Taxi: Sassy Transport LLC, call ahead and she will pick you up at airport (

Knowledge Pack