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Let Us Locate Your Plane

Want the safest aircraft at the perfect price? Nobody knows the market like we do!

A major portion of our business is to locate aircraft. This service is provided at no cost to the buyer.

– We can make sure you get the most airplane for your money, without trying to sell you more airplane than you need.

– We know what questions to ask, and are usually able to determine if the answers are honest or not. This helps eliminate expensive and time consuming “wild goose chases”.

– We speak to the owner, his mechanic, have log entries read to us, and more…prior to continuing with the deal!

– We don’t leave you after the sale either.

Our many years of aircraft experience is shared with you, and our qualified advice can go a long way toward your ownership enjoyment.

After all, who can enjoy owning an airplane that is a dangerous lemon or a dog?

Let us help you avoid those pitfalls. We will be there for you during the life of ownership providing you with technical support, plus our sources and resources of where to find what it is that you need.

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