New-er Mooney Flight


While flying in Durango, Colorado, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Mooney pilot who offered me a ride! I couldn’t pass it up. The new-er Mooney offers some serious power compared to my M20C model and the avionics are state of the art. (I’m tired of reading about all the hype in the plane mags, so I was stoked to experience it first hand.)

First impression: You better be ready to work! There is a lot to manage. When you consider the computer, the complex flying, speed breaks and IFR, the pilot is going to be damn busy.

It made me wonder if steam gauges on a new plane would make it easier to fly…The glass panel has tons of bling. Too much for me. It’s always screaming at you to look inside. I’d have to train myself to look away, whereas with my older plane, it’s just the opposite. And I like that.

Seating was tight as usual. Right and left seat passenger are always going to be rubbing shoulders. Here though, back seat passengers have considerably more room vertically than Pre-J models.

I loved the thrust. Density altitude was a non-issue. That’s always refreshing. And like all Mooney planes, this bird was smooth and handled like a dream. Plus, both landings we made were perfect! Thanks John!

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