Typical Fuel Consumption for My 1962 Mooney M20C

    My plane has better endurance than I do.

    Here I am in Palm Springs, CA after a 468 mile leg. It took me 3 hours and 20 minutes. Total fuel consumption was 27.6 gallons!

    I run 1 hour on right tank, then switch to left. After 2.5 hours there, I go back to right where I plan to land with another hour of fuel. Thanks to my new O & N Bladders, I’m carrying plenty of leftover.…


    Better Get Your Brakes Checked!

    The mechanics at Security Aviation are the best. Their attention to detail is unmatched. I noticed this when I first started working with them and it paid off when it came to enhancing my takeoffs!

    My rollout always lagged. That “slap-in-the face” waiting at the end of the runway always seemed to be staring at me for too long…But, I thought it was normal. Looking deeper, my mechanics found the problem in my brakes. Old hydraulic fluid. It had oxidized and expanded, causing the pads to close ever so slightly and restrict movement. They added new fluid. Now, I takeoff like I stole it!…


    Can a Damaged Mooney be Considered Perfectly Safe After Repair?

    The answer to that is yes and no.

    Yes if it is repaired by a shop that knows what they are doing. I have seen some horrendously crashed Mooney’s come out looking and acting as if nothing had ever happened. On the other hand, I have seen epairs where the spar is pressing on the skin so hard that it creases the wing skin. I have seen aluminum panels replaced on the wing(s) of a Mooney and you could easily tell that that section had been re-skinned while others do such a great job that you cannot tell no matter how close you look.…


    Is a Turbo Mooney a Better Buy than a 201?

    By Richard “Zef” Zephro

    This article is in response to a comparison between the 201 and turbo charged Mooney. You can find it at http://www.mooneypilots.com/M20K231_Evaluation_Report.htm
    The author was a good reviewer and published a well thought our comparison. But, I disagree with some of the things he had to say, particularly about operating costs being as significantly different as he states. Gami injectors are far more effective on the Continental engine vs the Lycoming, so consider adding Gamis which will pay for themselves over and over in the 231, not to mention the possibility of eliminating the 2 hot cylinders and perhaps a future top overhaul.…


    1962 M20 C Interior Before and After

    Nobody does airplane interior like Mooneyland.com. FAA approved at a great price. Send us an email at [email protected] to learn how to send us your interior for an overhaul that won’t break the bank!…


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