Passenger Comfort

    By Richard Zephro


    HAVE YOU EVER ridden in a car with a “jerky” and inconsiderate driver who pumps the accelerator on and off, changes lanes in a jerky fashion, slams on brakes and holds them down all the way to the complete stop so that you’re jerked forward and then back? Well I sure have and a lot more than once. How about the ham handed airline pilot who thinks he’s flying a fighter jet with more than noticeable pitch and roll changes, serpentining the final approach like a snake, jerking the power on and off enough so as to make one wonder if this pilot knows what he’s doing.…


    Stupidity Factor

    By Richard Zephro

    4 Deadheading pilots ferrying a Canadair regional jet lose control frolicking and playing at 40,000 feet. All Dead.

    An M20A wood wing Mooney gets a 2×4 strapped to a rotting wing spar for “easy fix”. 4 Dead, 2 in jail.

    Low altitude aerobatics, coming out the bottom of a split S maneuver, hits ground. 1 Dead.

    Regional airliner choose the wrong runway (too short for take off) ALL Dead.

    Young fueler refuels recip. Bonanza with Jet A. 2 Dead.

    Buzzing! A gazillion accidents, most fatal.

    FUI (flying under the influence).

    Pilot takes Alka Seltzer tablet for headache with NO WATER and just shoves it in his mouth!…


    Mooney Reports (And Cirrus)

    UPDATE: As of October 2007, there have been a ten year all to many stall/spin accidents which almost always takes place in the pattern and more often than not in the base to final phase of flight. The ten year total of all Gen Av stall/spins is 404. That is about 40 of these needless fatalities per year.

    Of the ten year total, only 14 of them involved Mooney aircraft, so every year there are 1.4 stall/spin accidents in Mooneys. Relatively low comparatively, but 100% more than there has to be if the patterns are simply flown correctly and not in a tight formation to the runway, but low banking leisurely turns.…


    Cirrus Update

    By Richard Zephro

    CIRRUS UPDATE! From October 1, 2009 – October 31, 2010, there were a total of 22 reported Cirrus accidents of which 17 people lost their lives. During the same period there were 11 reported accidents/incidents for Mooney aircraft with zero domestic fatalities.

    Keep in mind that there are thousands more Mooney’s flying than are Cirrus, so the incidents of fatalities per flying hour are huge as compared to the Mooney. A simple check with your insurance company to see how high insurance rates for the Cirrus (if available) is.…


    Safety: How Mooney Protects

    By Richard Zephro

    While at Mammoth Lakes, California many years ago, a near new Piper Archer was approaching for landing in windy turbulent conditions. We had just landed in my friend’s Mooney M-20C model, when the Piper came in to land– flaring too high in the gusts and turbulence.

    The airplane pan-caked to the ground from about 20′ above ground level (AGL) from the stall. The Piper bounced very hard once, then bounced once again. Due to the impact, the Piper Archer’s ceiling came down from the impact, breaking the necks of both occupants. Yet, the collapse did not even break the side glass which returned to the original position.…


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