2100 Miles: A Personal Family Record!

    When I first started flying lessons, landing seemed impossible. Turbulence was scary as shit. And my wife was skeptical about flying over a small lake. From the beginning I aimed to fly the Baja…But, aviating from Los Angeles and then to Colorado would take us over the Pacific, the Sea of Cortez and many small lakes. There’d be turbulence and fickle winds…Such a trip was a pipe dream. Fortunately, I’m big on dreaming.

    Little by little, over the years, each small trip led us to this huge one.

    We flew 2100 miles in 2 months. Both of my kids learned the value of following protocol – a valuable lesson in aviation and in life.…


    Guy Trip to Pima Air Museum from Los Angeles

    My son and I just returned from a 3 day trip to Pima Air Museum…

    Over the Labor Day weekend, we flew our Mooney M20C
    from Los Angeles to Tucson. Our plan was to fly direct. However,
    rogue thunderstorms forced us to zig-zag our way across the
    barren state, unexpectedly.

    It was riveting for both of us.

    Not because we watched cumulous clouds grow to huge proportions out
    of our right wing…Or because flying close to the clouds is like putting your
    senses on steroids. But because Blair and I worked together in ways we
    could have never done on the ground.…


    Family Trip to The Four Seasons Las Vegas

    Entering left downwind, my ground speed was 100 mph. My airspeed was too slow at 80 mph. I was wrestling a 20 knot tailwind. Plus, it was hot and turbulence was knocking us in every direction.

    Flying by instinct, I let my senses convince me that we were moving fast enough based on the sensation of the ground. But, my personal block of sky was moving forward so fast, it was stealing 20 mph from my forward movement.

    Speeding up to 100 mph got me comfortably away from my stall speed.

    Never trust your instinct to fly. Trust your panel.

    Now, my groundspeed was racing across the rocky ground at 120 mph.…


    Baja Mexico: True Family Adventure

    By Shane Ellison

    Flying the Baja has been my dream since I first imagined myself as a private pilot. For years though, I talked myself out of it. I needed to speak better Spanish. My plane had to be equipped better. Monitoring weather would be difficult. There are limited VOR’s for navigating…Dozens of excuses kept me trapped North of the border. Then I found Baja Bush Pilots (BBP).

    The most important thing about flying the Baja is having a checklist, passports and a perfectly maintained plane. With the help of BBP, I started making my checklist…The confines of the border melted away.…


    Flying Los Angeles to Bisbee, AZ

    My kids needed some education on precious metals and ghost towns. Enough with Founding Fathers and all that bullshit they get in school or from lamestream media…I needed to get them a dose of reality. So I fueled up the Mooney and we were off to Bisbee, Arizona.

    Flying direct, Southern Arizona past under us with very little fanfare. You’ve seen one desert, you’ve seen ’em all. But at the end of our destination, the Huachuca Mountains greeted us in all their splendor.
    And Bisbee looked like a gem carved from the hillside.

    In addition to some light spelunking, we enjoyed the people, our family who lived nearby (surprise!), mountain scenery and great food.…