Touch-up Paint

    Airplanes are like land. We really don’t own them, we buy the rights to use them for a bit. Flying and ownership are one of the highest privileges and expressions of freedom there is, so why not take care of your airplane? They are made to last practically forever– with the right kinds of maintenance and care. As such, rarely does the human outlast the airplane!

    As sad a state of affairs as it is, many people buy airplanes because of its “lipstick” or paint job. A good looking plane is great, but like good looking women, it really boils down to what’s inside of that beautiful package.…


    Say No To Ugly Legs

    By Richard Zephro

    Some of us have our planes all waxed up, shiny and ready to go. How would you feel, however, if you went to pick your date up, and she answered the door looking sharp with her tilted hat, tight slinky dress, nice new shoes, but ugly, ugly, really ugly, hairy, dry, flaky, corroded looking legs? Kind of ruins the whole thing, you might agree.
    Same thing for the other lady in your life….your Mooney!

    Is she sharp and ready to go, but has ugly legs? Let’s fix that!
    You will need a way to jack the plane up.…