Mooney m20-J (201) SINGLE DUAL MAG

    I get questioned often about the reliability of the SINGLE DUAL MAG as found on the 201’s Lycoming IO-360A3B6D engine. Well, when it first came out I and others were kind of leery about such a magneto whereby both mags are housed into one unit with less redundancy than the standard 2 mag setup as found on most other aircraft engines. After all, this mag shares the common housing but as important; it shares a single gear drive to operate the entire mag system. Hmmm…..

    Well; after dealing in Mooney’s and selling many 201’s over 20 years in business; I know of no one that suffered a total mag loss, at least I have had no reports of same.…


    Classic Mooney Ranger Ad

    I purchased this early Mooney ad from eBay recently. Named after the historical Texas Rangers, it appeals to a pilots love for adventure and self-reliance. No doubt, that’s what private aviation is all about. But it comes at the cost of practice, safety and knowledge. As Zef used to say, “never stop learning!” Use our free checklists and get our free download, “10 Questions Every Pilot Should Ask Before Buying a Plane.” …


    Mooney 252 – “The Mooney with Magic”

    This early ad highlights “The Magic.”

    Zef used to tell me that the 252 was magic, a plane that could never be duplicated in speed, efficiency and reliability. I can’t wait to fly one!

    Plane and Pilot magazine published one pilots real world experience. He said, “I usually fly it around 180 knots down low and between 200 and 210 knots at 17,500 feet. I never fly it wide open. Mostly, I like 65%—that gives me a fuel burn of 12.4 to 12.7 gph. Pretty close to book. See what I mean? Show me another airplane that can do that.”…


    Airframe Concerns

    Most Mooney’s have had the 208 S.B.’s done, but there are a few out there that haven’t.

    Currently, we are readying a nice M20-F model for the market which has not had the insulation change as yet. We are going to do this, but after taking the interior all apart for new leather, we determined the tubes to be in excellent condition in and out. It will get the new style insulation before putting it back together.

    Seemingly, pre-201 Mooney’s don’t get the corrosion as much since Mooney changed the way they installed the side glass. On the earlier models, the glass was held in by screws about every 1-1/2″, so water was not as likely to enter the tubes as when they switch to pressure plates to hold the glass in.…


    Pre-J Mooney Mods (Under Construction)

    By Richard Zephro

    Alrighty then. Let’s talk some about modifications, particularly the earlier models. I am often asked which mods I would recommend for the best speed increase and I rarely have a set answer.

    Can you imagine the “Zef” not having a set answer?!

    Well, there is a good reason for it. You see, Mooneys are all hand built and they’re all a tad bit different plane to plane and I have seen some planes really benefit speed wise to the so-called speed mods while others show a negligible difference.

    I know it sounds weird, but we experimented with that and of course have flown Mooneys with every combination of modifications imaginable, in fact one year, oh back at around the early 90’s I represented Southwest Texas Aviation’s 1965 M20E for marketing.…


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