Richard “Zef” Zephro

Richard “Zef” Zephro (November 21, 1947 – March 19, 2012)

Pilot, aircraft owner and proud founder of, Zef amassed nearly 6,000 hours of flying “OPM” (Other People’s Mooney’s) as well as the several that he owned personally. In his mind, being involved in hundreds of pre-purchase inspections as well as annuals, “nothing, NOTHING can match the Mooney!” Why you might ask? “Because to those of us who fly, there are times when the “envelope” can be exceeded due to the elements, and if that is the case, you had better be in the airplane that can take it and come back for more.”

Sadly, Zef passed away from health complications at 64 years old. His greatest wish was for Mooneyland to continue helping pilots “fly faster, higher and safer.” To this end, he worked passionately, behind the scenes, to design a new web site that would carry Mooneyland to the forefront of private aviation, while teaching how to live the “champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.” More than anyone else, he knew that “pilots need pilots” in their corner when it comes to learning the sky. He also knew that to be successful in flying (and life), you can “never stop learning.” Now, more than ever, helps pilots achieve just that.

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