The Complete Guide to Aircraft Ownership
for Pilots Who Want to “Live A Champagne
Lifestyle On a Beer Budget”

If you’re even thinking of buying an airplane of any brand; this package is a must-have. It will guide you and save you THOUSANDS by eliminating buyer’s mistakes and perhaps even SAVE your life!

You WILL find this entire package chock-full of TIPS.

  • How to narrow down your model
  • How to find the right pre-buy mechanic
  • How best to test flight
  • How to measure initial inspections, SB and AD compliance,
  • How to understand safety statistics, safety of flight
  • How to tell whether or not you are a safe pilot
  • How to choose the right mods
  • How to keep up on maintenance
  • How to manage power setting in flight to preserve engine life
  • How to…The list goes on and on.

Plus you WILL be entertained while doing YOUR HOMEWORK!

Look, I’m going to be real here. You either find out about plane ownership the easy way or the hard way. Think about it.

Don’t be stupid. That is why I suggest to my buyers to check the serious known issues I teach first before checking the regular airplane stuff that everyone talks about.

That way if really serious issues are discovered, steps can be made to repair the problem or pass on the airplane without spending a whole lot of money or risking lives.

Private flying with your family can be the safest and most rewarding thing you will ever do in this lifetime. Don’t screw it up by not doing your homework.

Get The Complete Guide to Aircraft Ownership so you can be one step closer to attaining the freedom of aviation.

The Complete Package

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